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Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is a traditional therapeutic technique that is often used in conjunction with osteopathy. While osteopathy primarily focuses on the musculoskeletal system and its relationship to overall health, fire cupping is a therapy that involves placing glass or silicone cups on the skin and creating a vacuum inside them using fire or suction devices.

During a fire cupping session, the cups are heated with a flame to create a vacuum, and then placed on specific areas of the body, typically over tight or painful muscles. As the cups cool down, the air inside them contracts, creating suction and pulling the skin and underlying tissues into the cup. This suction effect is believed to promote blood flow, stimulate circulation, and release tension in the muscles and connective tissues.

Fire cupping is thought to have several potential benefits, including increased blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and tissues and the stimulation of tissue healing processes in the body to enhance recovery. 

Osteopaths may incorporate fire cupping into their treatment plans as a complementary therapy to address musculoskeletal issues, promote pain relief, and enhance overall well-being. It is important to note that fire cupping should be performed by trained professionals who are knowledgeable about proper technique and safety considerations.

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