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Founding Osteopath

Dr Taylah Keogh is the founding Osteopath at Stay Strong Osteopathy Clinic. She graduated from RMIT University with a double degree in Health Science & Applied Science of Osteopathy, with additional qualification in dry needling, myofascial cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM). Taylah is also an accredited sports trainer with Sports Medicine Australia.


Taylah’s passion for osteopathy developed from a young age, initially from her sporting background. Now, her love for osteopathy stems from her desire to help others achieve the best version of themselves. She believes in delivering a gold standard level of healthcare, in conjunction with management tools and rehabilitation to equip patients with the knowledge to achieve optimal body function. 


Taylah incorporates a variety of manual therapy techniques into her everyday practice and applies them to each patient to achieve the best possible outcomes. She believes that not one recipe works for every patient and that osteopathic care must be tailored to each individual's needs. 




Dr Cameron Reid is an associate Osteopath at Stay Strong Osteopathy Clinic. Cam graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor in Health Science and a Master's in Health Science (Osteopathy). He also holds a Bachelor's in Professional Accountancy from RMIT and qualified in both dry needling and myofascial cupping.


Cameron’s passion for osteopathy developed through his experience with injuries sustained in the sporting arena, playing both AFL and Gridiron, whilst also having competed at a national level for both gymnastics and cheerleading. 

These experiences led to Cameron wanting to be able to help others manage their pain, whilst providing them with the knowledge and confidence to not only understand their injuries, but also have the ability to independently create positive and meaningful changes in their own lives. 


Cam enjoys using a structural and active approach to treating, which involves hands-on treatment as well as utilising movement-based management and strengthening to help his patients achieve long-lasting and sustainable results. 




Dr Joel Kirkilis has an extensive history in the fitness industry, with over 20 years of experience, Joel boasts a rich background as a personal trainer and a seasoned presence in health food stores. His profound nutritional expertise, gleaned from dedicated study, has fortified his holistic approach to health.


Joel's personal journey is a testament to his commitment as an osteopath. A participant in numerous bodybuilding and CrossFit competitions, he has conquered the realm of ultra-endurance challenges, even dedicating 25 hours to CrossFit workouts for charitable causes. 


Joel's transition into osteopathy was fuelled by a mature pursuit of knowledge and a thirst for hands-on healing modalities. His dedication is deeply rooted in the belief that a holistic approach is pivotal for attaining physical and functional goals. The realm of osteopathy has unveiled a new dimension of learning for Joel, synergising seamlessly with his strength training proficiency. The fusion of his osteopathic mastery and fitness wisdom offers a transformative path for others to realize their health and fitness aspirations sustainably.

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