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An appointment will comprise of:

  • Online patient consent form (initial appointments) to be filled out by the patient prior to their arrival

  • A thorough case history, assessment and treatment taken by your practitioner

  • Treatment will be conducted if clinically indicated

  • Patient consent will be obtained prior to any assessment or treatment procedures.

  • If treatment is indicated your practitioner will explain the assessment and any techniques/exercise proposed plus any potential risks.

  • If after a case history, assessment and consultation, the patient is not a candidate for treatment, the patient may be recommended to further management by a relevant healthcare professional.  In this event you will still be charged the full consultation fee for the appointment.

  • Payment is required at the time of your consultation.  Rebates from private health insurance may be possible if you have the appropriate professions cover in your extras cover.


We have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy.  By booking an appointment with us and consenting to our consent to treatment you agree to provide us with a minimum of 12 hours notice of cancelling or rescheduling an appointment or a cancellation fee up to 100% of the scheduled fee may be charged.

We understand there can be situations outside of your control and we will do our best to have open communication with you before sending a cancellation fee.

We ask you to respect our practitioners time and our patients who may be waiting for an appointment. If you have been sent a cancellation fee, you will not be eligible for treatment until the cancellation fee is paid.


All digital online forms are sent to your medical file held on our practice management system "Cliniko". The form/file is part of your medical file.  All forms/files are completely confidential and are used for clinical purposes only. 


  • All fees are due at the time of your consultation.

  • Please email or call us prior to appointment for the scheduled fee.

  • Fees may change without notice.

  • Fees may vary from practitioner to practitioner.


We offer concession rates at Stay Strong Osteopathy.  Proof of concession must be presented at the time of your consultation.  Concession rates are available to the following people.

  • Primary School & High Students / Children

  • Pensioners

  • Healthcare Card Holders


Stay Strong Osteopathy charges a gap fee to all Medicare Care Plan patients.

You will be required to pay upfront for the consultation.

Patients must bring in all relevant documentation for their claim.  

Stay Strong Osteopathy does not accept TAC, WorkSafe or Work Cover claims.  

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